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Conservative Management of Spinal Disfunctions


Beatriz Torres, PT is a Certified Senior Instructor of the Schroth Method for treatment of scoliosis and a graduate of the Schroth Best Practices Academy.

     Instruction available in English and Spanish. 

Instrucciones en inglés y español.


Meet Beatriz

Beatriz Torres has been a Physiotherapist practitioner for the past 30 years in acute settings, at a pain center, and in her own private practice.

Her significant post-operative scoliosis caused her pain and disability for many years until she finally discovered the Schroth method. She has learned how to make the proper subtle corrections any time, anywhere, becoming pain free and able to take control of suffering and disability. Through her own learning and experience, she is fully committed to teach and help children, adolescents and adults with scoliosis to improve the quality of their lives.


The Schroth Method

Katharina Schroth suffered from scoliosis at a time when no one knew how to control it. Through her own ingenuity, she developed a unique treatment method that worked for her own body, and in 1921 she opened a clinic in Germany to treat others. They recognized that the trunk is formed of three body segments and that these three parts were abnormally rotated against each other. It was necessary to correct them by creating the "counter image" of each abnormal rotation by means of the Schroth rotational breathing system.


Therapeutic Approach

This Physiotherapeutic functional approach follows the development of the specific treatment by Katharina Schroth and continuation of the teachings by Ms. Christa Lehnert-Schroth PT, Dr. Manuel Rigo director of the Instituto Elena Salvá in Spain and Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss, MD


Based in San Francisco Bay Area

Instruction available in Spanish and English. Instrucciones en inglés y español.